Source Say That Leaked Star Wars: Episode IX Title Is Probably Fake


Last week, Aint’t It Cool News published a report relaying word from an alleged inside source that the official title of Star Wars: Episode IX will be “Star Wars: Skywalkers.” Once the rumor started circulating, however, many fans quickly doubted that the claim was legit, and at least as many hoped it wasn’t.

But while we’ve yet to receive any official confirmation on the matter, a reliable source has cast even more doubt on the recent rumor than there was already. That source is Jason Ward from Making Star Wars – a site with a better track record than most for Star Wars intel. When Ward was asked point blank via Twitter if “Skywalkers” was the subtitle of this year’s release, the tipster replied, “I haven’t heard that personally.”

While Ward’s answer isn’t definitive, it seems we have one more reason to question the accuracy of the report. Assuming that Ain’t It Cool News genuinely did hear their claim from an inside source, it’s possible that “Skywalkers” is a mere placeholder, or a fake subtitle to throw off the leakers. After all, there’s reason to believe that this year’s other era-closing Disney blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame, went through several titles behind the scenes, despite “Endgame” being decided on years ago. So perhaps Lucasfilm is pulling a similar trick here.

Either way, the fans have made it clear that they don’t think too highly of the name “Star Wars: Skywalkers,” which would mark a radical departure from the saga’s pattern of three-or four-word subtitles. In all likelihood, we’ll learn the real title at next week’s Star Wars Celebration, if not sooner. But regardless of what we end up calling it, Star Wars: Episode IX is on course to hit theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Twitter