Blumhouse’s Spawn Reboot Pitched As “Low-Budget Superhero Movie”


Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions knows a thing or two about crafting a lucrative, crowd-pleasing hit on a shoestring budget.

From Paranormal Activity to Split to Jordan Peele’s rather excellent Get Out, Blum’s production banner has built its legacy on a series of low-budget, high-profit hits, and it appears Spawn will be next to join the ever-evolving collection in due time.

While doing press rounds to herald the launch of Universal’s “The Horrors of Blumhouse” maze – for the record, The Purge and Sinister are both woven into the real-life experience – Jason Blum turned in a status report during his recent interview with Collider, which also brought forth new details on M. Night Shyamalan’s 2019 sequel, Glass. Spoilers: it’s not another cookie-cutter superhero movie. Far from it.

In fact, the same can also be said about Todd McFarlane’s long-in-development Spawn reboot, after Blum teased the ways in which McFarlane’s vision stands out from the crowd.

It’s a “very different” breed of comic book movie, according to the seasoned producer, who echoed McFarlane’s comments about Spawn entering development as a low-budget horror movie. What’s more, it’s understood those involved will incorporate the titular demon in the style of Jaws.

This Spawn movie is a kind of superhero movie, but a very different kind of feeling superhero movie. I like the idea of low-budget superhero movies. It’s cool.

As for whether McFarlane’s big-screen adaptation has identified certain Spawn comics for inspiration, Blum confirmed that the end product will indeed draw upon certain story arcs involving the infamous demon, but stopped short of naming names.

Yeah, for sure. Todd [McFarlane] is doing it. He’s directing it, which is very cool, so we definitely will.

Spawn is yet to lock in a release date at Blumhouse, but last we reported, Oscar-winning talent was seemingly in the mix for the role of  Albert Francis “Al” Simmons.