Spawn Reboot Will Include Cameos From Both Todd McFarlane And Stan Lee


Seasoned comic book scribe Todd McFarlane is mounting an R-rated reboot of Spawn, and the adaptation has already been described as many things by many people.

It’s The Departed meets Paranormal Activity,” and a low-budget superhero movie – hence the involvement of Blumhouse Productions – with a 2019 release date seemingly on the cards.

Little is known about the actual story, of course, but while appearing at Arizona’s ACE Comic Con this past weekend, McFarlane confirmed his desire to make a cameo appearance in the final product – an honor he hopes to share with the great Stan Lee. First reported by, Todd McFarlane shared the stage with the legendary comic book scribe, before revealing that he fully intends to appear in his own R-rated adaptation.

“How many institutions do you ever have a chance to form? I created an institution, the Stan Lee cameo,” Lee admitted, “I’m very proud of it.”

“Wow, you know what? I’m about to get ready to shoot a Spawn movie, I’m gonna put myself in it,” McFarlane said.

“That’s all I need, more competition,” Lee quipped.

“I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna cameo,” McFarlane said. “Then we’re gonna be up against each other when it’s award time for Best Cameo.”

Indeed, those comments align with a previous interview, in which Todd McFarlane name-dropped Stan Lee as a potential cast member. That cameo may be placed under greater scrutiny if Lee is found guilty of sexual harassment, though. Last we reported, the writer’s legal team categorically denied any and all allegations, but we’ll have to see what comes of it.

Via CB:

I got a good buddy named Stan Lee, and he keeps going, ‘When are we going to shoot that cameo, Todd?’ So hopefully, I’ll get Stan to maybe come in there and do something.

Blumhouse Productions has tentatively slated Spawn for a release in 2019. And don’t be fooled by the R rating, as McFarlane’s long-gestating horror flick will be a totally different beast compared to Deadpool and Logan.