Speak Into Your Microphone To Unlock The Latest Candyman Trailer

The new Candyman film, which was co-written by Jordan Peele, builds on the classic 1992 horror film about the ghost with a hook for a hand, who can be summoned into this world by saying his name five times into a mirror. Both films take place in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing projects and explore the legacy of racial violence in the inner city.

The film has a new promotional website, IDareYou.CandymanMovie.Com, that has a very unique special feature. Those who visit the site and speak “Candyman” into their microphone five times will unlock the new trailer. No for real, it’s true, so check it out — if you dare!

The original movie took place in the Cabrini-Green towers, but the last of them have since been demolished. The new film takes place in the gentrified condos full of upwardly mobile millennials. Maybe they won’t stay so mobile after the Candyman gets his hook into them!

The trailer does not include any new footage from the movie, but it’s a chilling way to bring the story of Candyman into your life. After you survive summoning the Candyman trailer, you can save your summoning session and share it on social media. And it’s probably safe — unlike the real Candyman, who murders those who summon him.

Candyman is set to release on August 27th.