Need For Speed Film Gains Momentum With New Cast Members

Films based on video games are usually about as successful as that kid that huffed a lot of paint back in high school. But since they continue to make mounds of cash, the Gods of Gaming have seen it fit to give audiences a screen adaptation of the Need For Speed series.

Giving some hope to the hopeless is the news that Aaron Paul will be starring, with support from Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper, and quickly stealing that hope back is the announcement of a few new cast members. Scott Mescudi (or Kid Cudi if you’re down with the hip-hops) will be joining the fray, as will Harrison Gilbertson, Rami Malek and Ramon Rodriguez.

Detailing the life of a man struggling with a debilitating amphetamine addiction, Need For Speed will feature beautiful direction from Ron Howard and a soul-shattering guest appearance from Daniel Day-Lewis, looking to scoop up more awards. Nah just kidding, expect plenty of fast cars, loose women, shaking cameras and vengeful drivers to be blowing up the screen instead.

Paul will portray Tobey Marshall, a recently released inmate racing across the country in search of – wait for it – his best friend’s killer. Despite the cliche nature of the plot, the support surrounding the film is surprising, with Act of Valor director Scott Waugh stepping behind the lens and a script from brothers George and John Gatins (the latter of the two was recently nominated for his work on the screenplay for Flight).

All kidding aside, Need For Speed might very well be a decent action vehicle for Paul (pun intended). The cast has more than enough talent to avoid Doom territory, and the serious muscle working behind the scenes is encouraging. So despite every bad joke made, be sure to check out Need For Speed when it hits theaters February 7, 2014. We just might be in for a nice surprise.