Spider-Man Director Sam Raimi Is Developing A Tornado Heist Movie

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi’s been dabbling in various sub-genres of horror since he wrapped up work on the Spider-Man trilogy in 2007. Drag Me To Hell served up a slice of stomach-churning horror, reminiscent of his earlier work, and the more recent Ash Vs. Evil Dead series was a direct continuation of said earlier work. In short? He’s been relishing in the scares for a while. And yes, we’re not forgetting Oz: The Great and Powerful; that was scary in a whole different way.

It looks as if he’s changing tack for his next project though, as THR reports Raimi is developing an action-adventure movie about…. tornadoes. Wait, it gets better. This isn’t a modernized retread of Twister, no, no. It’s being described as a “tornado heist movie.” It makes sense when you consider the popularity of disaster movies AND heist movies. Also, who doesn’t like a bit of a weather concern while hustling on a job?

A brief outline for the project, which is currently hunting for writers under the title Stormfall, pits it as “a heist caper set in the Carolinas during a tornado storm and centers on the relationship between one man and his older mentor.” Could be that the two are working in cahoots and get their plans shot to hell when a twister turns up to spoil the party? Perhaps. In any case, we won’t know more until Warner Bros. secures a scribe for the film, at which point Sam Raimi may sign on to direct or stay onboard solely as a producer.

What do you think, should Raimi direct? More importantly, who would you want to see cast as the tornado? (Andy Serkis mo-capping a weather phenomenon? Just a thought.) Let us know in the comments.