Spider-Man: Far From Home Will Kick Off The MCU’s Phase Four


The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home finally came our way yesterday, leaving Marvel fans already hyped for the next MCU movie that’ll arrive following Avengers: Endgame. As so much of the future of the franchise beyond the fourth Avengers is shrouded in secrecy though, we weren’t entirely sure where FFH falls in the grand scheme of the universe. Now, however, we can confirm that it’s the first chapter in the next Phase of the franchise.

Marvel insider Jeremy Conrad was asked by a fan on Twitter if Far From Home was the last installment in the ongoing Phase Three or if it was the first in Phase Four. Conrad confirmed that it was the latter, meaning that Endgame has the honor of rounding off the MCU’s third cycle.

We’d generally assumed this ourselves, but it wasn’t entirely clear going by the previous Phases. The Avengers was the end of Phase One, but curiously, Age of Ultron was just the penultimate part of Phase Two. Ant-Man is officially the final entry of that Phase, despite it being mostly standalone. Endgame just had to mark the finale of Phase Three, though, as it’s being hyped up as such a huge turning point for the MCU.

Far From Home, however, could mark a renewed sense of direction for the franchise. From what we’re hearing, it definitely sounds like Phase Four will push ahead with the next generation of heroes, so it makes sense that Peter Parker will kick it off. In fact, we revealed just yesterday that word has it Marvel’s developing a New Avengers movie starring the likes of Iron Lad, Hulkling and more.

Anyways, Spider-Man: Far From Home is due to swing into theaters on July 6th, and only then will we get a proper idea of where the MCU is headed in Phase Four.