New Spider-Man: Far From Home Still Gives Great Look At The Stealth Suit


Spider-Man: Far From Home had a lengthy European location shoot, during which we got a lot of on-set pictures showing off Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio and two redesigned Spidey suits. The first is the new Red and Black suit, which appears to have some sort of wingsuit functionality judging by a few shots in the trailer. The second was quickly dubbed the stealth suit, due to its tactical aesthetic and all-black design. We’ve had a decent look at this over the last few months, but the new trailer offered up a few details we hadn’t seen before.

One of the neatest is the little flick Spidey does to bring the goggles down over his eyes. MCU Spider-Man suits have tended to feature an Iron Man-like augmented reality display to control the suit’s technology, so perhaps the stealth costume grants night vision (or maybe thermal vision), necessitating Peter having to use his own eyes on occasion.

In any case, you can take a closer look at it below:

An interesting theory I’ve seen discussed online is that the stealth suit won’t be Stark tech. Rather, it’ll be designed by former adversary Adrian Toomes (aka the Vulture). Michael Keaton’s confirmed for an appearance in Far From Home, and Homecoming suggested that he might’ve begun to make his peace with Spidey. Judging by his Vulture costume, he’s certainly got the technical know-how to knock up something like the stealth suit, and in a certain light, it resembles the utilitarian aesthetic of the Vulture armor. As such, this theory kind of makes sense.

But what could he be using this suit for? Well, in the comics, Peter has occasionally designed more stealthy outfits, often including optical camouflage (which we’ve already seen in the MCU on the jet at the end of Homecoming). If he’s trying to play things a little more low-key, we might well see this tech applied to the Spidey-suit, too.

Either way, we’ll find out for sure on July 5th, when Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters.