Another Spider-Man: Homecoming Deleted Scene Includes Miles Morales Easter Egg


Back when Donald Glover (Han Solo) was first linked with a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many believed the Emmy-winning director-writer-actor was all set to play Miles Morales, the fan-favorite character who goes on to assume the Spider-Man mantle in Marvel Comics. In fact, there was even an online petition kicking around at one point.

As seasoned comic book fans will tell you, Glover later voiced Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, but it turns out that his ties to the fan-favorite Web-Head also extend onto the big screen. In the latest deleted scene released for Spider-Man: Homecoming, we see Glover’s petty crook, Aaron Davis, struggling to free himself from one of Spidey’s traps.

Granted, that sequence did make the cut in Jon Watt’s rebooted origin story, but up above you’ll catch an extended version in which Aaron Davis calls his nephew, who just so happens to be Miles Morales. If nothing else, it’s a cute Easter egg that reaffirms the existence of Miles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The bigger question, though, is whether the character will crop up in Homecoming 2 in two years’ time. We’ll find out soon enough.

Other deleted scenes featured up above include an extended look at Parker and the team preparing for their much-hyped academic decathlon, not to mention an additional peek at the fleeting romance between Tom Holland’s flustered lead and Liz Allan (Laura Harrier). Watts and his editing team cut a fair amount of footage from Homecoming‘s trailers, so don’t be too surprised if I’m Filmy’s super-cut rings a bell.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swung onto Digital HD yesterday, September 26th, and will be available to pick up via Blu-ray and DVD on October 17th. Soon after that, the Powers That Be over at Marvel will draw our attention to Thor: Ragnarok, the 17th instalment in the ever-evolving MCU, ahead of its arrival on November 3rd. And it just might include a surprise cameo from none other than Matt Damon.

Source: YouTube