Spider-Man: Homecoming Originally Included Vision And War Machine


By now, you’ve hopefully seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, not only because it’s a great movie, but also because it served as the wallcrawler’s first major solo outing within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, it didn’t waste any time connecting to the bigger picture by depicting some of the events seen in Captain America: Civil War from Peter Parker’s point of view.

In order to show casual and diehard moviegoers alike that Jon Watts’ film was indeed a different beast from Sam Raimi and Marc Webb’s previous takes, the face of the MCU, Iron Man, played a small role. Thankfully, he didn’t take up too much screentime and afforded Peter enough breathing room to still call this his own flick. Truth be told, many fans were worried about the opposite happening, jokingly referring to it as “Iron Man 4, also starring Spider-Man.”

Again, that obviously wasn’t the case, but it’s interesting to learn that a couple more Avengers nearly showed up in the film, those being the Vision and War Machine. As it turns out, their respective cameos would’ve come during the pivotal ferry seen that saw Shellhead being forced to clean up Spider-Man’s mess.

Take a look at some concept art that’s surfaced thanks to the folks at MCU News & Tweets:

As cool as it would’ve been for a few more superheroes to show up, I think we’re for the better that they didn’t. Like I said earlier, there was concern about Spider-Man: Homecoming not looking enough like it was Peter’s own movie going in, and this certainly would’ve taken the focus off him. Plus, we already had Happy Hogan and Pepper Potts among those featured, so one more Iron Man supporting character in War Machine would’ve really fuelled that Iron Man 4 joke.