Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Swinging Into UK Cinemas Sooner Than Expected


It was just yesterday that we got a new look at Spider-Man: Homecoming with a terrific final trailer and now, perhaps to heighten the excitement a little bit more, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have announced that the highly anticipated reboot is swinging into cinemas even sooner than expected. Well, in the UK, at least.

Marvel movies are frequently released earlier across the pond and the UK often gets them before everyone else. That’s usually a result of school holidays, something which would explain why Spider-Man: Homecoming has now been moved from Friday, July 7th to Wednesday, July 5th. That’s only two days and isn’t a huge difference, but it’s definitely going to make it much harder for fans not living in the UK to avoid the spoilers, which inevitably pop up online.

Of course, Marvel has already revealed a lot in the trailers, so we’re hoping that there are still at least a handful of moments in Spider-Man: Homecoming which will come as a surprise. Chances are only the surface has been scratched, but with still over a month to go until the movie’s released, now may be a good time to avoid TV spots and the like (unless they’re as fun as the NBA one released yesterday, of course).

Spider-Man: Homecoming has all the makings of a hit and should be a much-needed breath of fresh air for the wall-crawler after five movies of pretty much the same old thing. At least, we hope it is. One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as the flick crawls into theatres in just over a month.

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