Spider-Man: Homecoming Nearly Included Another Scene Of Vulture In Prison


One of the best things about Spider-Man: Homecoming was that, for once, it was an MCU movie that delivered a pretty awesome villain. Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes AKA the Vulture had more dimensions to him than the average antagonist. For instance, a late-in-the-day twist revealed that he was the father of Peter’s girlfriend Liz. As Spidey was forced to take him down, Toomes was jailed, which turned Liz’s life upside down and seemed to leave her burgeoning relationship with Peter in tatters.

We didn’t get too much of Liz’s reaction to her father’s imprisonment in the movie, but it seems there was originally a scene which featured the character visiting Toomes in prison. During a Tumblr Q&A, Laura Harrier dropped a few details about her favourite deleted sequence from Homecoming: 

“I shot a scene in prison with Michael Keaton that was awesome. I wish it had been put in!”

Presumably, this scene would have been part of the post-credits sequence. It’s a shame that it was cut, too, as it would have shed some more light on what made Toomes such a compelling villain: that he’s both a super-dangerous criminal and a regular family man. However, if our guess is correct, it made sense to trim Liz’s part of the scene out to get to the juicy confrontation between Vulture and Mac Gargan, which teases the rise of the Scorpion in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. 

Still, this could have given Liz a more substantial exit from the film, as the character’s inclusion in the sequel is currently up in the air. With Zendaya’s Michelle revealed to be (a version of) Mary Jane by the end of the movie, it looks like Peter’s affections will switch to her in future installments. That said, Laura Harrier hopes she’ll return as the super-powered Firestar at some point, so who knows what’ll happen.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now available on Digital HD and it’ll arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 17th.

Source: Tumblr