Spider-Man: No Way Home Delayed Internationally Inspiring Fan Petition

One of Marvel’s most anticipated films Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to launch later this year in most regions around the world, however, Columbia Pictures today revealed one region where it won’t be coming out in 2021, instead fans will have to wait until 2022 to check out the film.

In a post, Columbia Pictures Philippines revealed the slate of films that will welcome moviegoers back to cinemas in the country following their closure during the grunt of the pandemic. In the announced roster, No Way Home is slated to launch in theatres on Jan. 8, 2022.

This delay sets the film back just over three weeks in the Philippines which is quite a hefty duration of time to avoid spoilers for this much-anticipated culmination of Spider-Man film history.

To no surprise, Marvel fans in the Philippines have launched a petition urging Columbia Pictures to synchronize the release of the film in the region with the rest of the globe so it may launch on Dec. 17.

“See, with the IMPLICATIONS of this film being SO BIG (in terms of the overall effect of this film in the MCU), if you are to release this film, here in the Philippines, in January of 2022, there will ALREADY BE PLENTY OF SPOILERS, on the internet.

AND, THAT WILL DEFINITELY RUIN THE EXPERIENCE FOR US, especially because, as already mentioned, the IMPLICATIONS OF THIS FILM IS HUGE. This is NOT ‘just’ a standalone film.”

Via change.org

Right now the petition has garnered over 2500 signatures, however, it’s unlikely that Columbia Pictures will honor the request.