‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is only made better with this fan rescore

3 Spider-Mans facing the camera
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Spider-Man: No Way Home had one of the most epic moments in MCU history when all three men to don the role of Spider-Man teamed up to save the universe. While this was an instantly iconic scene, one Marvel fan has shown how it could have been improved.

In a post to the Marvel Studios subreddit, CosmicObsidian44 shared their rescore of the sequence where the Spider-Men finally swing through the air alongside each other taking on the variety of villains from the movie.

Marvel fans will recognize this new score immediately as it sounds like a dramatic interpretation of the signature Spider-Man theme music.

In the theatrical cut of the film, this scene has its own epic music that fits in amongst the movie’s soundtrack and the greater MCU. This new interpretation brings more of a fun tone to the scene that had moviegoers cheering in their seats.

The original Spider-Man theme music originated with the 1967 cartoon Spider-Man. While it didn’t feature in the film’s theatrical cut, Spider-Man fans got plenty more to be excited about with all of the different throwbacks to the different Spider-Man live-action films.

Spider-Man: No Way Home used the multiverse to bring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men into the main MCU universe alongside Tom Holland. As you’d expect this has been one of the highlights of the MCU’s phase 4 so far. There were also a ton of other returning stars.

If you haven’t yet seen Spider-Man: No Way Home the film is now available to purchase both digitally and in stores.

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