Spider-Man: No Way Home Releasing 2 Days Early In The UK

spiderman tom holland

As if the constant barrage of so-called leaks and spoilers wasn’t enough, things are about to get a lot more difficult for fans looking to go into Spider-Man: No Way Home completely cold after it was announced the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel will be swinging into theaters in the United Kingdom two days ahead of schedule.

Digital Spy brought word directly from Sony that Tom Holland’s third solo adventure will be landing in British cinemas on Wednesday, December 15, meaning that dodging information about the movie is going to become close to impossible for those residing Stateside unless they boycott Twitter for the following 48 hours.

There’s no word on why exactly the U.K. is getting preferential treatment, but it’s become an increasingly common practice for many Sony titles, with Ghostbusters: Afterlife rolling out in old Blighty on Thursday before its domestic debut the following day.

That’s on top of No Time to Die landing in James Bond’s home country over a week ahead of the United States, so it pays to be a United Kingdom resident when it comes to catching 2021’s marquee blockbusters ahead of folks on the other side of the pond, with Spider-Man: No Way Home arguably the biggest of the bunch.