Spider-Man: No Way Home Rumored To Be Most “Shocking And Emotional” Spidey Film Yet


While Marvel fans have obviously been excited to see the likes of Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the upcoming Eternals, it’s hard to disagree that the most-anticipated MCU movie of 2021 overall is Spider-Man: No Way Home. Especially after that first trailer promised essentially a live-action Spider-Verse event, with various villains from the Raimiverse and Webbverse confirmed to be returning. And obviously hopes are high that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will swing by, too.

Much of the anticipation is about the crossovers and surprise cameos that could take place in the film, then, not necessarily for the story it’s going to deliver. But the latest rumor points to the threequel not disappointing in that area, either. Insider Daniel Richtman AKA RPK has shared on Twitter that his sources tells him No Way Home will be “the most shocking and emotional Spider-Man film” we’ve ever had.

From what we’ve seen in the trailer, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will begin the threequel struggling to deal with the consequences of everyone now knowing he’s really Spider-Man, which leads him to seek out Doctor Strange to get the sorcerer to magic everyone’s memories of his secret identity away. Though this seemed like it could be just a flimsy excuse to get all the old villains back, this rumor, if accurate, promises that the film will still have a strong emotional core, likely tied into Peter’s character growth.

The “shocking” part of this rumor is also intriguing as it suggests that, though much about the movie has already leaked, there is still a lot left that we don’t know about. Maybe we’re expecting Maguire and Garfield to appear, for example, but we don’t really know how they’ll be used in the film, as we’ve received conflicting information on the size and shape of their roles.

We’re counting down the weeks and days until Spider-Man: No Way Home finally opens in theaters on December 17th.