‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Zendaya tells Tom Holland what makes him a great Spider-Man

by Keane Eacobellis

You’d have to be either going through quite a rough patch or just be a pretty insecure person, in general, to ask your significant other for compliments out of the blue.

Luckily, Tom Holland didn’t have to do any kind of fishing of this sort to hear why his real-life girlfriend Zendaya thinks he’s a great Spider-Man.

That’s because the pair of Spider-Man: No Way Home stars recently participated in a formatted interview segment as part of a LADbible TV Youtube Video. In the clip, they explain to each other whether they agree or disagree with a series of some of the internet’s most pressing questions, such as whether pineapple should be on pizza, and if American football is better than soccer.

When the prompt came up, “Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man,” both actors proceeded hesitantly with their respective responses.

Not wanting to anger internet fans who might prefer the Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield interpretation of the character, Zendaya — who plays MJ in No Way Home — stopped short of giving an official answer.

However, she explained why she thinks Holland is a great — if not the very best — Spider-Man.

“There’s a lot of great things that make you Spider-Man. One of them is that you actually love being Spider-Man. Like, and you embrace it so much. I think anyone who’s ever seen him deal with kids, especially when he’s in the whole get-up, you know, the suit, it’s really special to watch.”

Zendaya went on to say that Holland even keeps doing the American accent for the kids, despite being British, and even tells them he “used up” all his cartridges when the little ones ask him about his webs. “It’s really, really sweet.”

“I would also say that you have the annoying capability of doing everything well,” Zendaya continued.

Despite the slight competitive tension underlying it, Holland gave many thank yous to the compliments.

“When you’re watching him flip and then land and then fight and then do all these things, you’re great at it, and you do it with such ease,” she concluded.

Watch Spider-Man No Way Home in theaters on Dec. 17.