Venom’s Second Post-Credits Scene Explained


Though much has already been written about Woody Harrelson’s mid-credits scene in the new Venom movie and the carnage it promises to come in the sequel, Eddie Brock’s first standalone film also packs a last-minute reminder of another Sony superhero project on the way, the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Unlike Venom, not only does Spider-Verse have a Spider-Man in it, but several, with the pic’s multiverse model bringing together web-slingers from a range of alternate realities. In the Venom post-credits teaser, for example, we see the young Miles Morales kneeling by the grave of the most famous Spider-Person, Peter Parker, only for the Peter from another timeline to sneak up behind him.

The trailer seems to imply that such a cross-universe phenomenon is made possible by Kingpin’s use of a super-collider, but however Peter manages to bump into his fellow Spidey, Miles doesn’t take it well, accidentally knocking Peter out while getting himself stuck to this older equivalent of the Spider-Man: Homecoming star.

When some passing cops mistake Peter’s unconscious body for a corpse, a chase sequence ensues that moves from the graveyard to the streets of New York as Peter’s body gets attached via web to a passing train, pulling the two Spider-Men along on a rough ride. The teaser gives an indication of the physical comedy to come in the upcoming movie, not to mention the dazzling animation in which this spectacle is delivered.

If you’re keen to catch this early glimpse at the multi-Spidey chase scene – and don’t mind sitting through a critically panned movie to do so – then Venom is out now in cinemas. Otherwise, you can catch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in theaters from December 14th.

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