Spider-Man’s Twitter Emojis Possibly Spoil “No Way Home” Trailer Ahead Of Reveal

Ahead of Sony’s much anticipated latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home expected Tuesday, Twitter already has set the emojis associated with a number of hashtags, some of which may have inadvertently contained spoilers for the trailer.

While it has been previously confirmed that many villains from past Spider-Man films will be reprising their roles, we didn’t necessarily know any of them would be making official appearances in the second trailer.

We already saw Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock make his triumphant appearance in the first trailer, as well as Green Goblin being teased with one of his signature bombs. Green Goblin was also featured on the latest posters for the film, which closely resembles the design for Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of the character from the 2002 Spider-Man film. Though Dafoe isn’t included on the official roster on IMDB, these developments present the distinct possibility the actor will be returning as the villain.

Rhys Ifans’ Lizard, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman are confirmed as cast members, according to IMDB.

Since the Electro and Green Goblin hashtags are getting their own dedicated spidey emojis, it’s our hunch that those characters may well be included in the new trailer.

Of note, “Multiverse” and “NoWayHome” are also hashtags getting the webslinger emoji.

In addition, some of the spidey emojis appear in the traditional red and blue costume while others feature Peter Parker in the black suit. While a black Stark-powered suit did appear in the film trilogy’s second installment, Far From Home, the inclusion of the motif here makes us wonder whether a Spider-Man donning a symbiote-infected suit from another multiverse might make an appearance.

We’ll just have to see who appears—or doesn’t appear—in Spider-Man: No Way Home when the film comes to theaters on Dec. 17. Check back right here for the latest updates once the new trailer drops, too.