Watch: Kraven’s On The Hunt In Awesome Spider-Man 3 Fan Trailer

Spider-Man 3

Officially, we know very few details about Marvel and Sony’s next collaboration, Spider-Man 3However, given the fallout of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spidey fans have decided that the next nemesis for Peter Parker has to be Kraven, given that the hunter would surely be interested in the world’s most wanted man, after Mysterio framed the web-head for murder and exposed his secret identity.

Again, this has yet to be confirmed, but an epic new fan trailer gives us a taste of Kraven’s first hunt on the big screen. From YouTuber Billy Crammer, this imaginative video runs with the idea that the wall-crawler flees from the U.S. following FFH and ends up in what could be a gritty, MCU version of the Savage Land. There, he comes into the sights of Kraven, played by The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Given the setting, Crammer has titled the film Spider-Man: New Home. 

Kraven is all but assured for Spider-Man 3, given director Jon Watts’ open interest in tackling the character. Fans have come up with a few names they’d like to see play the villain, too, with Morgan being one of the most frequently mentioned. We’re also expecting the threequel to team Peter up with another Marvel hero, as in keeping with Iron Man and Nick Fury turning up in the last two. This trailer suggests a Black Panther team-up, which would be an interesting if left-field choice.

Marvel recently pushed back their entire Phase 4 schedule due to the coronavirus outbreak delaying Black Widow, but as S-M3 is distributed by Sony, it’s yet to move its release date. The movie is due to start shooting this summer as well, so we’ll have to see whether Spider-Man 3 can go before cameras in time to make its July 2021 slot as intended.