Spider-Man 3 Reportedly Features Lots Of Cameos


Ever since the official title of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was first revealed, almost every single major player from the past, present and future of Marvel comic book adaptations has been rumored for an appearance. After all, with 2022 shaping up to be the year that alternative realities become a key storytelling device for Hollywood’s two major superhero franchises, Kevin Feige will no doubt be looking to emulate the buzz that surrounded The Flash when it was announced that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck would both be back as Batman.

The Sorcerer Supreme’s second solo outing won’t be arriving until March 2022, though, three months after Spider-Man 3 hits theaters. And up until recently, there was no hint that the two projects would be connected in any sort of meaningful way, but the confirmation of both Jamie Foxx and Benedict Cumberbatch for the ensemble has made it pretty clear that Peter Parker is going to stumble upon the multiverse in his next standalone adventure.

In fact, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Jon Watts’ sequel has barely scratched the surface when it comes to revealing surprise additions, which sounds like good news for the fans crossing their fingers that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could be poised to return. According to the tipster, Marvel doesn’t want Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to be bogged down by cameos for the sake of cameos, and are now looking towards the upcoming threequel to pick up some of the narrative pieces.

“Since they can’t have too many cameos in Doctor Strange 2 and because Sony wants more money out of Spider-Man 3 they have a plan to include lot of cameos and supporting roles for characters from other Earths in SM3 as well,” Richtman says.

In theory, Doctor Strange’s role in Spider-Man 3 could be a soft launch for his own follow-up, as the duo wrap their heads around the idea of the multiverse and team up to tackle the reality-altering threats that come with it, and there are almost unlimited possibilities in regards to who could be next to return to the world of comic book movies.