Spider-Man 3 Will Reportedly Introduce Oscorp


Major blockbuster movies love nothing more than introducing a big corporation or company that’s revealed to have an evil scheme designed for world domination in mind, and while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has largely shied away from the trope so far, there have nonetheless been references to Roxxon and A.I.M. in the Iron Man trilogy and Agent Carter, while a hostile takeover of Pym Technologies powered the plot of Ant-Man.

The most famous fictional corporation in the Marvel mythology, though, is without a doubt Oscorp, and the company played a big role in both Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series and The Amazing Spider-Man reboots. There’s been no shortage of rumors making the rounds that Norman Osborn could be set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the near future, of course, and the latest report claims that it could happen as soon as Spider-Man 3, which starts shooting this week.

According to the folks over at FandomWire, Oscorp will be revealed as the conglomerate to have purchased Tony Stark’s abandoned Avengers Tower, which will give them a solid base operations in the heart of New York City that would theoretically see them expand their reach in the franchise throughout both the Spider-Man movies and the wider MCU.

One major issue is that both previous Spidey series have already literally done the Green Goblin to death, and a lot of fans would rather Marvel Studios focus on something fresh as opposed to characters and storylines that have already been seen before. Unless it’s just the company that’s being introduced and Spider-Man 3 is holding back on Norman and Harry for a little while longer, which at least gives the iconic names the benefit of the slow build instead of being rushed to the big screen for a third time.