Spider-Man 3’s Title Reportedly Revealed, And It’s Not Bad

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

There’s so little that we know for sure about Spider-Man 3 at this stage, other than what we can infer from the end of Far From Home, which saw Peter Parker publicly exposed as the wall-crawler as well as accused of murder. One thing we’re pretty confident about, though, is that the threequel will continue the naming convention started by Homecoming of having the word “Home” somewhere in the title.

Various titles have been suggested by fans, including Home Run and Home Invasion, but maybe the title has actually already been subtly revealed and we all missed it. Murphy’s Multiverse has pointed out that both Esquire and Maxim have Spidey 3 listed as Spider-Man: Homesick on their sites’ respective upcoming comic book movie pages. Furthermore, the outlet’s Charles Murphy writes that he’s done some digging around and may have discovered where they got word of this title from.

Marvel Studios is known to be restarting work on all its upcoming projects again, with pre-production on Spidey 3 – such as set construction and other prep work – reportedly moving forward in Atlanta, where the movie is apparently going by the name Homesick. Murphy is unable to confirm at present, though, whether this is a code word to cover the film’s real title or if it’s actually called that.

So, how likely is it that Homesick could end up being the official title? Well, it’s easy to imagine the threequel seeing Parker on the run following his newfound status as Public Enemy No. 1. He’d likely be missing his loved ones in such a situation, too, so Homesick would make a certain amount of sense. Remember, Kraven is expected to be the movie’s main antagonist, so presumably he’ll be hunting for Peter. Which again adds to the theory that the web-head will be on the run or in hiding.

Tell us, though, do you like the sounds of Spider-Man: Homesick as the title for Spider-Man 3? Swing on over to the comments section and let us know.