Marvel Comic May Provide Clues As To What’ll Happen In Spider-Man 3


If you already had the chance to check out Spider-Man: Far From Home, you’re aware how the latest MCU film sets the stage for future movies in the franchise. Despite accidentally killing himself, Mysterio managed to emerge from beyond the grave during the mid-credits scene in order to turn the tables on Peter Parker, outing his true identity while simultaneously turning the world against him, thanks to some doctored footage from the Battle of London.

It’s not entirely sure how Marvel plans to address the shocking revelation moving forward. Tom Holland is signed on to appear in six films though, and there’s a good chance we’ll see another Spidey movie in the coming years, but nothing’s set in stone. That being said, fans have been speculating as to how the events of Far From Home will take shape, and ScreenRant came up with a rather interesting theory.

As the outlet points out, during the “Civil War” comic book arc in the mid-2000s, Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world. While this was eventually walked back – thanks to Spidey striking a deal with the Devil to rewrite history – three tie-in issues by writer Peter David explored how Parker handled the intense amount of public backlash after he came clean.

During all of this, he was teaching at a school and landed on the decision to quit his position in order to ensure the safety of his students. As ScreenRant points out, even though it isn’t a one-to-one match, Far From Home‘s sequel could present the MCU’s Peter Parker with the option to deny Mysterio’s claims, even if it would come as a danger to his fellow classmates.

It’s an interesting theory, though if we take into account the importance the MCU has placed on public personas, we wouldn’t be surprised if Spider-Man chooses to embrace his identity as opposed to keeping it a secret. Either way, with a sequel to Far From Home not due out anytime soon, we’ll have to wait and see how Marvel plans to address things moving forward.