Spider-Man Fans Are Now Boycotting The Far From Home Extended Cut


The Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut is now playing in theaters but it’s been released into a very different climate than when it was first announced. Back then, the beloved sequel looked set to establish an exciting new status quo for the hero, where he’d be hated by the public and vilified by J. Jonah Jameson. Now with Sony and Disney having parted ways, though, the cliffhanger ending of the film may never be addressed again.

Between that and the fact that Spidey’s no longer in the MCU, it was always going to be tough to get people back into theaters to watch a slightly extended edition of Far From Home. Sure, this could be the last time we see Peter hanging out with Happy Hogan, Nick Fury and the rest of the gang, but it seems that’s not enough to make fans really care to check out the film again.

In fact, some folks are even boycotting it due to the Sony/Disney split, taking out their anger on the former company. As you can see down below, the official Spider-Man: Far From Home Twitter account – run by Sony – tweeted out a message promoting the new extended cut and the replies were, shall we say, less than pleasant.

Of course, even if the Sony/Disney split hadn’t happened, it’s still likely that not many people would care to see Far From Home again in theaters. After all, the re-release of Avengers: Endgame was a massive disappointment, with its embarrassingly unfinished Hulk scene. While the Spidey sequel does, admittedly, have a bit more extra footage in its new cut, it’s still nothing significant and isn’t anything that couldn’t have just been saved for the Blu-ray.

Tell us, though, do you have plans to catch Spider-Man: Far From Home again? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.