Spider-Man Fans Celebrate Tom Holland’s Five Year Casting Anniversary


Hard though it is to appreciate now, 5 years ago Spider-Man was in something of a limbo. The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s disappointing box office performance caused Sony to rethink their plans for future movies, eventually reaching a deal with Marvel to reboot in the character in the MCU. That meant Andrew Garfield had to make way for a new face.

5 years yesterday we learnt who that new face would be – a fact the Spider-fandom (spiderlings? spiderpeople? whatever their denomination is) have been keen to celebrate. So, on that note, here are some of their best/sweetest reactions to Tom Holland’s casting anniversary.

In particular, I like the fan who reacted by reacting to their reaction to the 2015 announcement. To be fair to him, I shared in his doubtfulness. My overwhelming response to the news Spider-Man was getting his millionth reboot in the space of a few years was one of saturation-induced fatigue. I mean, really? Another reboot? How lame was that? I didn’t exactly feel the world needed any more Spider-Man movies, particularly when the last three had been duds.

But every credit to Marvel, as they acknowledged all the concerns fans had and tactfully worked around them. One disarming introduction circumvented the mass of too-familiar backstory threatening to drag the newbie down. It was like Tom Holland had been Spidey all along.

Now with two solo movies under his belt and a third in the works, Holland has brought the character back into the mainstream. It might be a little longer till we see Spider-Man 3 – unfortunately, the coronavirus has temporarily put the brakes on production – but I’m sure when we do it’ll be a smash.

Tell us, though, have you been celebrating Tom Holland’s Spider-Man anniversary? If so, give us your favourite moments from his five years in the iconic suit down below.