Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Addresses [SPOILERS] Shocking Return


After years of fans calling for him to return to the big screen, J. Jonah Jameson was introduced into the MCU in the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Not just that, but he was played by J.K. Simmons once again, reprising the role he made his own in the original Spider-Man trilogy. His appearance wasn’t just a gratuitous cameo, though, as Jameson’s guest spot changed Peter Parker’s life forever.

Jameson, here reimagined as the host of Infowars-alike website The Daily Bugle.net, shares Mysterio’s fake video online that frames Spidey for the attack on London. What’s more, JJJ reveals the wall-crawler’s secret identity to the world and it’s sure to have major repercussions for our friendly neighborhood hero in Spider-Man 3 and beyond.

While speaking to ScreenRant, director Jon Watts explained that this moment was inspired by Peter’s outing in the Civil War comics event. Watts, who’s admitted that he’s not traditionally a comic book reader, commented that he’ll have to do his homework now before he starts work on Spider-Man 3. 

“You get to see Peter reveal his identity to the world in Civil War. I’m going to have to do that homework too now, I’ve sort of painted myself in the corner. I gotta go back to the archive.”

As well as being based on real-world figures, Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s twist on Jameson’s character is also drawn from the comics. Those who read the source material will know that in more recent years, the former newspaper editor has switched careers to become the host of his own news show.

Of course, as the man responsible for revealing Parker’s identity, Simmons could definitely return in a bigger role in Spider-Man 3. Or maybe this was just a fun one-off cameo to treat the fans. Either way, it was a great moment in a film full of them and we’re hopeful it wasn’t the last we see of J. Jonah Jameson.