Spider-Man Battles Mysterio On Cool Far From Home Fan Art


Spider-Man: Far From Home is just starting to go before the cameras now, meaning that we might soon get a glimpse at Peter Parker’s latest nemesis: Mysterio, as played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Of course, fans are fascinated to find out what an actor of Gyllenhaal’s caliber will do with a comic book villain as outlandish and usually goofy as Mysterio. As you no doubt know, the character’s typically depicted as wearing a fishbowl-esque helmet as well as a green unitard for a costume. Given that, it’s hard to tell how Marvel Studios will adapt Mysterio into a more grounded, textured villain, but we now have a pretty good idea of how he could appear in the MCU courtesy of fan artist @UltraRaw26.

This incredible mock-poster for Far From Home (seen below) pits Tom Holland’s wall-crawler against the master of illusions. The design for the villain is a perfect blend of the comic book costume and and something more like a CGI movie creation, and we have to say, if this is what we end up getting, we certainly won’t be disappointed.

The artist has decided to go with the classic fishbowl look here, albeit giving it a revamp as an orb generating bolts of electricity. It’s difficult to say whether Marvel will decide to go down this route, though. Seeing as they’ve contracted such a recognizable star to play the character, it seems unlikely that they’d completely cover his face under bizarre headgear. Then again, it is the most famous element of the character and surely they’ll have to reference it in some way.

While Mysterio will be the central antagonist of Spider-Man: Far From Homehe certainly won’t be the only villain on show. Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming as well. This has led fans to theorize that the Sinister Six is on its way, though for now, the exact nature of the threat Spidey faces next remains – fittingly enough – a mystery.