Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Now Complete And Ready For Theaters


Spider-Man: Far From Home hits domestic theaters on July 2nd, and as of today, it’s good to go. Director Jon Watts revealed on Instagram that the film has finished post-production and is now complete. That leaves about three weeks for a busy round of press, followed by international premieres and hopefully some media screenings very soon.

Watts marked the occasion by releasing a new behind-the-scenes pic from the film, showing stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Tony Revolori and Angourie Rice huddling around a monitor on set. It’s not much, but you can check it out for yourself in the gallery down below.

Word is that Far From Home will take place immediately following the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, exploring the impact of half the world returning from dust. This is sure to throw up some interesting situations, namely that Peter and his friends should now be four years younger than most of their former classmates.

Perhaps all this stress is why these characters are choosing to unwind with a relaxed trip across Europe, taking in such cultural delights as London and Venice. I mean, there’ll also be an insane special effects guru, multiple realities and giant rock monsters to contend with, but nobody said the life of a radioactive teenager with spider-powers would ever be easy, right?

In the past, Watts has described the movie as an “international spy thriller,” explaining that:

“You get to have this teenage James Bond character. Total world-weary Nick Fury and enthusiastic New York teenager Peter Parker gallivanting across Europe – what’s more fun than that? You put them together and you have some good stuff.”

Here’s hoping. After the rip-roaring success of Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home feels a little like a victory lap for Marvel Studios. I just hope it turns out to be something more than an extended epilogue to the aforementioned Avengers movie. Thankfully, those awesome trailers make me think it’ll be a worthy sequel to Homecoming, but we’ll find out soon enough.