Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Says Tony Stark Is Spidey’s Creator


A bold new Spider-Man: Far From Home fan theory suggests the upcoming sequel could seriously rewrite Peter Parker’s backstory and feature a major revelation we didn’t see coming.

Reddit user ImpulsiveBeetle shared an idea they had following a Marvel Twitter account’s recent tease that FFH would feature a “a big Tony Stark secret.” The theory goes that Stark will be revealed to have created the genetically-altered spider that bit Peter. The Redditor suggests that this is how Iron Man tracked the kid down so quickly back in Captain America: Civil War and why he was so keen to take him under his wing – because he felt responsible for what he was going through.

If true, this would certainly be a shocking development. On the one hand, it would fit with the MCU’s emphasis on Peter’s connection with Tony and show confidence from the studio to change the character and his mythos how they want. On the other, touching on a big secret conspiracy about Spider-Man’s origins might stray too close to The Amazing Spider-Man films, in which the spiders were creations of Peter’s father and Norman Osborn.

That said, all signs are pointing to Osborn making his debut in Far From Home, or at least making himself known, so perhaps Marvel is loosening their policy of following similar lines to previous movies. If Oscorp’s corrupt boss is coming to the MCU, though, it would make a lot more sense to stick to the usual explanation – first coined in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics – of having Oscorp create the spider.

Honestly, though, the likelihood is that Peter’s origins won’t be explored in any MCU movie as the studio seems to be keen to the look to the future rather than the past (see: the introduction of the multiverse). Whatever this big Stark secret is though – if there is one – all will be revealed when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2nd.

Source: Reddit

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