Will Robert Downey Jr. Cameo In Spider-Man: Far From Home?

RDJ Iron Man

Iron Man may have made the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame, but fans think Robert Downey Jr. could return at least one more time in this July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. The second trailer for the Spidey sequel revealed that the film will explore Tony’s legacy and the grief Peter Parker is feeling over his mentor’s death. But will Stark actually reappear, or is this just wishful thinking?

Reddit user Dkmistry23 thinks that one shot from the trailers might just prove that we haven’t seen the last of Tony. You may have noticed that Peter is seen to be wearing the same pair of shades that Stark was wearing in Avengers: Infinity WarIf not, the relevant screenshot is in the gallery below and as you can see, Spidey’s seriously stunned at something while sitting in the backseat of a car.

The Redditor suggests that Peter’s being driven somewhere by Happy Hogan, who’s just given these glasses to Peter as a posthumous wish of Tony’s. When he puts them on, the young hero will see a hologram message recorded by Stark prior to his death. In it, Tony will tell him to go find a life beyond just being Spider-Man, much like he did by settling down with Pepper during the five-year time jump and raising his daughter, Morgan.

This could be why Peter’s so keen on going on a European vacation with his friends in FFH, because he’s fulfilling Tony’s wishes. Many fans have criticized Parker’s decision to flee New York and abandon his duties as the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, so having it be something Iron Man tells him to do would certainly make sense.

What do you think, though? Does this theory for how Tony could return hold up? We’ll find out when Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives on July 2nd but, in the meantime, leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.