Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Explains How [SPOILERS] Is Still Alive


Though Spider-Man: Far From Home is still in the midst of its first weekend in theaters, the fans are already getting inventive with their speculation. And as we delve into one eccentric new theory about the villainous Mysterio, bear in mind that spoilers lie ahead.

Though Peter Parker’s latest solo outing seemingly ends with the demise of Quentin Beck, the character’s reputation as a master of deception made it pretty inevitable that many viewers would suspect another one of the MCU’s fake deaths.

Granted, the film itself seems to actively discourage such speculation when Peter’s A.I. named E.D.I.T.H. tells our hero that Quentin’s dead body is no illusion. But while the implication is that Beck wasn’t faking his death with sophisticated projection technology, Reddit user isee_oreos_notzebras has put the forth the theory that the villain still had one last trick up his sleeve – namely, that the Mysterio that died in London was actually a robot.

Sure, it may sound like a pretty crazy idea, but in this theory’s defense, there’s certainly precedence for a twist like this. Specifically, in the comic miniseries Spider-Men, it’s revealed that the Mysterio from the Ultimate Universe is actually an android being controlled by a Mysterio in an alternate reality.

On top of that, isee_oreos_notzebras questions the logistics of Quentin’s recorded message, as featured in the post-credits of Far From Home. When did Mysterio find time to film his deathbed message in the midst of battle? How did the footage survive after all the drones were destroyed? Is it possible that Quentin’s message was actually filmed later, after he had made his escape? And on a related note, what exactly was Mysterio’s henchman downloading onto a drive shortly after Beck’s demise? Could it have been the robot’s artificial consciousness?

Granted, there are plenty of holes you could poke in this line of reasoning, but at the very least, you have to give the theory points for creativity. And if Mysterio really did live through the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, then seeing more Jake Gyllenhaal in Marvel’s Phase 4 hardly sounds like the worst idea.