Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reveals That Someone Else Knows Peter’s Secret

Spider-Man Homecoming 2

One big change to the webslinger’s character in the MCU is that his secret identity isn’t as big a deal as it’s usually portrayed as. Sure, he keeps his double life under his hat – or mask – but Spider-Man: Homecoming ended with Aunt May finding out what her nephew does with his evenings. It’s typical for the MCU though, a franchise that opened with Tony Stark telling the world he was Iron Man, and it looks like this will continue in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

As we know, the sequel will see Nick Fury whisk a reluctant Peter Parker away from his European vacation and pair him up with Mysterio to fight the Elementals attacking the continent. In today’s new trailer, Quentin Beck asks Peter what he wants, to which the kid replies: “I wanna go back on my trip with the girl who I really like and tell her how I feel.”

It then cuts to Peter summoning up the courage to do just that while out walking with M.J. Except when he says he has something to tell her, she butts in with: “That you’re Spider-Man?” Peter attempts to deny it but M.J. replies: “I mean, it’s kind of obvious.”

As with Aunt May, it’s nearly always a bit source of drama in Parker’s life that he has to keep his superhero identity a secret from his girlfriends, be they Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy or Liz Toomes. It fits Zendaya’s Michelle Jones, though, that she’d be smart enough to see through Peter’s lies straight away. Remember she was suspicious of where he kept running off to at the end of Homecoming?

Now that May, M.J. and Ned know his secret, there’s not really anyone important in Peter’s life that isn’t in on it. That’s definitely something that marks out Tom Holland’s version of the character from the rest, but we’ll see how this affects his and M.J.’s relationship when Spider-Man: Far From Home lands in cinemas on July 2nd.