Here’s How Spider-Man Will Be Introduced In Captain America: Civil War



Of all the cast additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Tom Holland’s appointment as the new Spider-Man that generated the most interest from fans. After two previous franchises over at Sony, at long last the webslinger will be integrated into Marvel’s movieverse.

His debut is set to take place in Captain America: Civil War, a detail confirmed by Robert Downey Jr., ahead of his own standalone movie in 2017. The specifics over his introduction have been discussed at great length, with many rumors pointing toward Tony Stark as the figure who enlists the young superhero.


It looks as if speculation proved right, as reports that Stark will indeed craft a special suit for Spidey before he joins Iron Man’s ranks in the hero-vs-hero tussle.

“Our source told us is that Tony goes to Peter Parker specifically to recruit him, and to seal the deal, offers him an advanced Spider-suit to fight in — an upgrade from whatever 15-year-old Peter was previously slinging around in.”

However, the site goes on to suggest that it’s not that cut and dry: why does the young Peter Parker even consider Stark’s offer? “Peter started becoming Spidey because he grew up and idolized Tony,” says’s report.

According to their source, like the rest of the world, Parker watched as Stark became Iron Man and saw the Avenger as somebody to look up to. It was Stark’s adventures that are said to have inspired him to don the red-and-blue suit and begin his own brand of vigilante justice. When Stark hears about it, he pays the lad a visit and encourages him to join his crew.

Whether or not this rumor holds water is still unknown at this point, although it certainly makes sense in terms of continuity and motivation.

Find out how it all plays out on May 6 when Spider-Man makes his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War.

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