Steven Spielberg Recruited By Warner Bros. For Gods And Kings

For months now there has been speculation on whether Warner Bros would formally recruit Steven Spielberg to direct the Moses epic Gods and Kings. Well, it’s now being reported that Spielberg has officially entered into talks with the production powerhouse to head the film.

Spielberg would be an ideal choice for the ambitious project, bringing with him not only his iconic name, but his resources – including access to a huge budget.

The film, written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, will chronicle the entire Moses life story from birth to death.  Some of the major events that the script will cover include Moses’s part in the exit of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, the plagues, and the ten commandments.

Spielberg has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last several years, but he will return with two big films due out this winter, War Horse, about a horse surviving through World War 1, and the live action version of Tintin, a European comic hero.  He is also working on a biopic about President Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis, entitled Lincoln.

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