Mr. Spock’s Ear To Be Auctioned

This news is dedicated to all the Star Trek fans out there. Today at Leonard Nimoy’s birthday, it was announced that the ear of Mr. Spock will be auctioned! That’s right. One of the ears that Leonard Nimoy wore while filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be sold off at an auction in Hollywood next month. The company behind this huge sale adds:

“This ear was kept by the prop master from the film. It was carefully wrapped up which is important because silicone latex can deteriorate. Spock’s ears are an iconic part of Star Trek and fans across the world would love to own it – we’ve already had lots of bids.”

This iconic piece of nostalgia for all Star Trek fans has been successfully preserved for over 30 years, and its auction will take place in Los Angeles on April 2. If you’re a Star Trek fan, and have some money to spare, go to Los Angeles and be the man to own Leonard Nimoy’s ear. The fake one that is.