Tom Holland Only Found Out About That Avengers: Infinity War Scene The Day It Was Filmed


Although Avengers: Infinity War only entered stateside theaters just over a week ago, the financial and emotional devastation left in the wake of Anthony and Joe Russo’s unprecedented blockbuster continues to alter the cinematic landscape.

Having grossed a record-breaking $250 million-plus during the last weekend of April domestically, the third Avengers installment then became the fastest film to reach $1 billion-earned worldwide, achieving the feat in just eleven days. However, the cherry on top of this ten-figure sundae wasn’t dolloped until earlier today, when it was announced that the pic scored the second-best second weekend ever, hauling in $112.5 million domestically.

Still, the epoch-making success of Avengers: Infinity War did come at a price. While it was generally believed that Thanos’ arrival would spell the demise of at least one major character, the Mad Titan managed to eviscerate a multitude of MCU superheroes, none more heartbreaking than Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

Watching Peter Parker fade out of existence, cradled in the arms of his father figure, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), not only took an emotional toll on the fandom, but Holland as well, as the actor revealed during a Q&A for his charity, The Brothers Trust.

According to Webbed Media, Holland only found out about the scene in question right before filming, with the outlet writing:

Tom filmed the Spider-Man death scene the same day he found out he was dying. Even he was taken aback when he saw the death in the film as he just remembers having the time of his life filming. That scene was improvised with Robert Downey Jr., whom Holland praised for his ad-libbing abilities.

When asked about the improvising on his death scene he said he did but “all I did was say I don’t want to go a few times.” He said RDJ is the king of improvising. During the scene on the donut ship with Dr. Strange & Iron Man, Tom actually improvised the “I’m back up” line to which RDJ quickly quipped back saying that the adults are talking.

As for the ending of Infinity War, Holland remained surprisingly mute on the subject, specifically the fan theory that he and Thanos’ other victims are trapped inside the Soul Stone. Here’s what Webbed Media had to say:

A fan asked if Spidey is trapped in the soul stone and Tom said he doesn’t know. He goes on to say how he didn’t even read the script and he kept pestering Kevin Feige for information but couldn’t get anything.

Unfortunately, Kevin Feige isn’t as loose-lipped as Tom Holland, which means we’ll now have to wait until the release of Avengers 4 next year to figure out which Infinity War deaths will be permanent and which will be reversed. We’ve got a very good feeling though that Spidey will definitely be back before long.

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