[SPOILERS] May Be One Of The Phase One Avengers To Survive Endgame


It’s been a running joke between Mark Ruffalo, directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and the fanbase for a few months now that the Hulk actor had been fired from Avengers: Endgame for dropping spoilers. And while it’s understood that such chatter obviously shouldn’t be taken seriously, it’s still very possible that Bruce Banner and a few of his fellow Phase One Avengers might be finishing up their run in the MCU with the upcoming sequel.

However, thanks to some new intel, we know that when it comes to the Hulk at least, he won’t be killed off. While folks like Iron Man and Cap can, and very well may, meet their maker, it seems that the big green guy will live to fight another day, even if Endgame is the last time we see him on the big screen.

And that’s because we learned this weekend that Marvel is reportedly planning on bringing us a Hulk TV show for Disney Plus. Exact details on the project haven’t been revealed just yet, but if it is indeed something that’s in development, it means that clearly, Banner doesn’t die in Endgame.

Sure, it’s entirely possible that the show could be some sort of prequel, but given that we’ve also heard that it’ll focus on She-Hulk and see Hulk passing the torch to her, so to speak, as Ruffalo prepares to bow out of the franchise, that doesn’t seem too likely.

In any case, this is all just speculation for now, as Marvel has yet to confirm that they’re developing a vehicle for the Phase One Avenger. But if they are, it very likely means that the Hulk will still be standing by the time the credits roll on Avengers: Endgame. We just wish we could say the same for Tony and Steve.