St. Vincent’s Ted Melfi To Direct Next Matthew Quick Adaptation Every Exquisite Thing


The Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to the next novel by The Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick, and they’ve now got the talent to bring it to the screen. Hot off the back of his writing-directing debut, St. Vincent, Ted Melfi has been snapped up to lens Every Exquisite Thing.

If the name doesn’t ring any bells, that’s because while TWC secured the adaptation rights to the novel – it won’t be published until 2016. So, depending on how fast production rolls out, we could be seeing a movie and its source material reach the public at the same time. Storywise, the film will follow a young girl who reaches out to her favourite author and along the way discovers a whole new side to herself.

Before he settles into the director’s chair on Exquisite, Melfi will be tackling the scripting duties on the Zach Braff-directed remake, Going In Style, and completing work on memoir adaptation, The Tender Bar for Sony.

While that’s all we know thus far, we will keep you posted on any news surrounding the production of Every Exquisite Thing. Before then, though, be sure to read the full synopsis from Quick’s website for a glimpse at what could be an awards contender:

The author of THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is back with what early readers in New York and L.A. are calling the high-water mark of his young adult career.

Meet Nanette O’Hare, an unassuming teen who has been playing the role of dutiful daughter and conscientious student-athlete. When a beloved teacher gives her his dog-eared copy of THE BUBBLEGUM REAPER—the mysterious out-of-print cult-classic—the rebel within Nanette awakens. But she learns there is a high price to pay, as she befriends the reclusive local author, experiments with a young Bukowski-quoting poet, and attempts to insert her true self into the world with wild abandon.

A celebration of the self and the formidable power of story, this is Matthew Quick at his finest.