Stallone’s Back In Action In This Rambo V: Last Blood Set Video


Rambo V: Last Blood appears as if it’s going to be a brutal and vicious outing in the long-running action franchise. With its titular hero dealing with intense PTSD after a lifetime full of violence, he’ll find himself forced to go up against a brutal cartel while he fights to save the kidnapped daughter of one of his friends.

With an ominous title like Last Blood, it also seems as if this might be the last hurrah for the iconic action hero, and it certainly looks as if he’ll be going out in style. Those who caught 2008’s Rambo will know that Stallone isn’t afraid to take the character into some very violent territory and this new behind the scenes video shared on the actor’s Instagram account teases that we’re in for another a no-holds-barred entry into the franchise.

Seen below, we’ve got a quick BTS clip that gives us a glimpse at Stallone getting in on the action, showing us some of the weapons he’ll be using and making it seem like the actor’s fitting back into the role quite comfortably.

Plot-wise, we don’t know much more than we mentioned above, which is that the abduction of Yvette Monreal’s character Gabrielle will be the catalyst for Rambo returning to the fray once more. As he attempts to rescue the young woman, he’ll be joined by reporter Carmen Delgado, played by Paz Vega, and will eventually come up against cartel leader Hugo Martinez, played by Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

Of course, we also fully expect there to be a very high body count and a whole load of old-school mayhem and violence, too. Whether it’ll be able to truly send the titular character off in an unexpected fashion, as we’ve been promised, remains to be seen, but we’ll find out when Rambo V: Last Blood hits cinemas on September 20th, 2019.