Stan Lee Reveals Why He’s “Damn Mad” About His Raunchy Deadpool Cameo


Stan Lee didn’t create Deadpool (that credit belongs to Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza), but the Marvel Comics creator still made one of his famous cameo appearances in the R-Rated movie earlier this year. Inevitably, it ended up also being rather R-Rated, as it consisted of him being the DJ in the strip club that Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) was working in.

Talking at MegaCon this weekend, the man responsible for dreaming up the likes of The Avengers, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man jokingly revealed that the cameo actually made him “mad,” and here’s why:

“I don’t know if I should tell you the truth about that cameo. It will kill all your fun. I was not in the topless dancing place. I did that in a studio and then they put it into the movie, and I’m damn mad about that! I made them promise on the next one, I’m going to be right there.”

Interestingly, Lee went on to reveal that he’ll soon be shooting a handful of cameos all at once in the near future, an interesting method to handle his many big screen appearances. With the production schedules of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok all overlapping, they’re arguably the most likely possibilities.

“I’m going somewhere on the East Coast, Delaware or somewhere, where they’re shooting three cameos at one time. I’ve got to be there either next week or the week after, and I’m going to do three cameos for three different movies. Now, I don’t know what the movies are. I don’t know what the cameos are, but I know I’ll damn well be there.”

Stan Lee’s cameos have become a real treat over the years, particularly the ones which are very much humour based a la Deadpool, and with a plethora of Marvel movies heading our way, we can’t wait to see how the iconic comic book creator will show up next.