Stan Lee Rushed To The Hospital After Falling Ill


It’s no secret that Stan Lee hasn’t been in great health as of late. The 95-year-old comic book legend had to cancel two different convention appearances last year due to illness and though the exact details of what might be going on with him haven’t been revealed, we’re now hearing of some more troubling news.

According to TMZ, Lee was rushed to the hospital yesterday after “falling ill at home.” From what we understand, he was short of breath and had an irregular heartbeat. He’s said to be in stable condition at the moment, but is being kept there for further observation and hasn’t been released yet.

Without any comment from Lee’s camp, we don’t know too much more than that, but we’ll continue to keep you posted should any further updates arise.

Unfortunately, the iconic comic book writer has had a tough time as of late, facing numerous allegations of sexual harassment. Nothing’s been proven, mind you, but we imagine that the situation has been stressful for him and perhaps it’s this which has led to his health declining?

Then again, he appeared to be fine just earlier this week at the Black Panther premiere, so who knows? We just hope that everything’s alright with him and he makes his way home from the hospital sooner rather than later.

Presumably, Stan Lee‘s reps will issue a statement on the matter shortly, and once that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know should there be any new updates. Stay tuned!

Source: TMZ