Stan Lee Teases A Big Surprise For Marvel Fans


As if people weren’t already excited enough about what’s coming next to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right?

Avengers: Infinity War left wallets empty, hearts broken and jaws on the floor, while Black Panther broke barriers financially and culturally and we even had our first decent Spider-Man movie in years with Homecoming. Now, though, Stan Lee has taken to Twitter to humblebrag his replies and tease something big.

The comic book icon, who’s now safe and well after an altercation with gunmen outside of his home, hopped on the social media platform to thank his millions (and millions) of fans for their support, before revealing that something big is coming.

See for yourself:

Ending the video message, Lee says;  “I wanna let (the fans) know, that in the near future, we’re gonna have a big surprise for them. I can’t tell ’em what it is now ‘cos it wouldn’t be a surprise, but…” (audio cuts off). It’s good to know that even Stan Lee struggles with technology, eh?

Reddit has, of course, gone into meltdown since the announcement, with some wild theories being thrown about. These range from Lee is the One-Above-All, the creator of all life in the Multiverse (which would certainly explain all those cameos) to the introduction of the X-Men and/or the Fantastic Four into the MCU.

The less optimistic/more pragmatic predict that the announcement will simply be the full title of Avengers 4, whilst the incorporation of Marvel Television characters such as Daredevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones into the films sounds like an amazing idea – though one that’s not too likely to happen.

Either way, it’s encouraging to see some positive Stan Lee news after sexual abuse allegations, claims of him being cheated out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and reports of someone stealing his blood to sign comics. Yep, that actually happened.

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