Stan Lee’s Thor: Ragnarok Cameo Is Apparently His Funniest Yet


It just wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a fan-pleasing cameo from Stan Lee, now would it? The House of Ideas’ head honcho has appeared in every entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past ten years and has given us some hilarious and highly memorable scenes in the process. His best is apparently yet to come, though, as the star and director of Thor: Ragnarok are claiming that Lee makes his funniest cameo ever in the movie.

To celebrate his name being immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a host of Marvel stars paid tribute to the man himself in a special video aired at Stan’s imprint ceremony at the TLC Chinese Theater. Two that are of note are the messages from Raganarok’s Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth, who said the following:

“[I] met you the other day,” Waititi revealed. “You came in and… your cameo is one of the funniest things in the film.”

“We’re here shooting [Ragnarok],” Hemsworth then added. “In which you did a cameo today, which is your best one yet, I think.”

These are some mighty big compliments here. Going by the trailersRagnarok looks to be one of the most rib-tickling Marvel movies yet, so to hear that Lee’s role in the threequel is one of its funniest moments is pretty high praise.

Likewise, Hemsworth’s claim that it will be Lee’s best cameo to date might seem like a tall order, but Marvel do seem to be pushing the envelope further and further with each movie, so that could actually be the case. That said, it’ll be tough to beat his fan-theory-spawning duo of cameos in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

With previous cameos bringing Lee to the outer reaches of the cosmos and back again, we have no idea what form his role in Thor: Ragnarok will take. We can be sure, though, that it’ll be another classic and can’t wait to see what the studio’s cooked up for us this time.