#StanLee99 trends as fans and stars alike celebrate a Marvel legend

stan lee

It’s hard to think about the Marvel realm without seeking the influences of Stan Lee sprinkled in the most obvious and obscure places. In fact — it’s nearly impossible. Stan Lee was an inventor, a creator, a positive force, and a talent that didn’t shy away from a challenge.

While fans pile into theaters across the globe for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Stan Lee’s presence is definitely missed. Anxiously awaiting Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel films is still embedded in fans of the MCU — it was as much an exciting part of the movie-going experience as seeing the actual movies. We waited to see who he’d be speaking to in his cameo, where he’d appear, and of course, to see the pride and joy on his face as he stole the show for a few seconds.

Stan Lee stole every show he was a part of, and with good reason. He was a genuine man, the kind you’d hope to meet one day, to rub elbows with, and to be blessed with a few moments of his presence and the wisdom he shared. Fans would line up, waiting for hours to see him at conventions and meet and greets, and he’d smile and stop time for them once they were at his table.

When the news of his death in 2018 was shared with the public, it stung. We lost a legend and celebrating him in all the ways we still can is essential to fans of Marvel. We wouldn’t have this pop culture realm to exist in and to share with our loved ones if not for Stan Lee.

His fans aren’t the only ones taking the time to honor him today, on his 99th birthday. Stan Lee’s friend William Shatner posed a challenge for fans of Marvel and friends of Stan Lee — let’s get a hashtag trending. #STANLEE99 is being shared around social media, and while it’s still early in the morning, we have a feeling it’ll be one of several trending topics honoring him today.

Fans immediately jumped at the opportunity to commemorate the legend.

Several tweets have been posted — sharing beautiful fan art and calling Stan Lee our hero.

Some fans share stories of having met Lee at appearances and conventions.

You can’t honor the man without acknowledging one word: excelsior!

It’s hard to picture Stan Lee without his infectious smile, and this tweet has to be one of our favorites.

Happy Birthday, Stan Lee — you are deeply missed!