IT Star Reveals Where Pennywise Might Have Gone At The End Of The Film


Andy Muschietti’s IT was undoubtedly the surprise hit of 2017. Raking in an incredible $700 million at the box office, the pic became the most successful horror movie of all-time. Even better, it absolutely deserves its success, which came from some top-notch direction and cinematography, together with a bevy of great performances from its young cast and, of course, Bill Skarsgard’s unforgettably creepy take on Pennywise.

This success means that the second part is now a done deal, and I’d imagine it’s going to be fast-tracked through production as quickly as possible. But where exactly should it pick up? Well, Wyatt Oleff, who played Stanley Uris, has a theory. You’ll remember that one of the climactic scenes showed Pennywise retreating down a sewer pipe as the Losers proved they were no longer afraid of him. But where’s he going? Uris, in an interview with Cinema Blend to promote IT‘s home release, had some thoughts:

Like I’m just coming up with this on the spot but it would be really cool if there was like a separate layer to the, what’s that space called? Cistern. If there was like a lower layer to that that would be really cool. Yeah, like his like official nest area.

The idea that Derry, Maine is sitting atop a series of ever deeper and more sinister places feels appropriately Stephen King, as well as providing some insanely terrifying new thrills for the second installment.

Those who’ve read the book (or seen the 90s TV miniseries) will know that IT: Chapter 2 reintroduces us to the Losers as adults. They’ve all moved on from their nightmarish childhood experiences and perhaps written off what happened as the product of their fevered imaginations. Unfortunately for them, though, Pennywise is very much real. And he’s very much out for revenge. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that this is just Oleff’s theory, but hey, it sounds plausible enough to me and he’s got a better grasp on the film’s production than most of us.

IT is out now on Digital HD, and will be on DVD and Blu-ray from January 9th, 2018 – with Amazon currently accepting pre-orders. IT: Chapter 2, meanwhile, will hit cinemas on September 6th, 2019.