Star Trek 2 To Start Filming January 2012 With Summer 2013 Release

Production on the sequel to the hit 2009 sci-fi movie Star Trek is expected to begin on January 15, and the film will likely be released in summer 2013. Much of the design work has already been completed by production designer Scott Chambliss, who is combining some old sets from the original film with new locations.

/Film is reporting that returning director J.J. Abrams is continuing the location scouting that he began last month. He’s reportedly looking at Hawaii for the scenes set on a jungle planet.

Many of the special effects won’t be added to Star Trek 2 by Industrial Light & Magic until post-production but the visual effects company has already started working on certain effects that don’t require a filmed component.

Abrams has yet to release the actual plot of Star Trek 2 but he has said that he wanted to get the complete story finished before turning his full attention to the visual and technical aspects of the film, such as the locations, wardrobe and special effects.

Screenwriter Roberto Orci has confirmed the initial script is finished, and he’s currently working on the third draft with Alex Kurtzmand and Damon Lindelof. He’s reportedly not making any major plot changes, but wants to make sure that the film is within budget.

“Rewriting is a good thing which normally makes the script better. We like to keep pushing the script, even if no one gives us notes,” said Orci.

While the story has yet to be released, all of the core cast members from Star Trek are set to return. The director is also casting several new roles, and Benicio del Toro is reportedly being considered to play the villain.

That’s about all the info we have right now but we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

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