Star Trek 3 Gains Life Of Pi Cinematographer Claudio Miranda


Star Trek 3 director Roberto Orci may not have any experience behind the camera, but he’s found someone to help him out that will more than make up for his shortcomings. According to TrekMovie, Orci has enlisted Academy Award winner Claudio Miranda to be his cinematographer.

Miranda’s work includes such visually stunning films as Life of Pi (for which he won his Oscar), Oblivion, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and TRON: Legacy. He also recently shot Brad Bird’s new film Tomorrowland. So, even if Orci completely fumbles and ruins Star Trek, at least it will look amazing.

In all seriousness though, this is a big win for Orci and a very smart move. The fact that Star Trek 3 is his directorial debut puts him at a bit of a disadvantage, as he has to not only take the reigns from the much more experienced J.J. Abrams, but he also has to make an even bigger and more exciting science fiction film than both previous Star Trek movies. Finding a cinematographer with an eye for blending practical and CGI environments in an organic, beautiful way should help Orci’s transition from screenwriter/producer to director go over smoothly.

Both of Abrams’ Trek films were shot by Daniel Mindel, who left the franchise along with Abrams and various other crew members to work on Star Wars: Episode VII instead. While Mindel shot Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness on film, Miranda will shoot Trek 3 digitally.

Star Trek 3 does not currently have a release date, but Paramount is hoping for the film to boldly go into theaters in 2016.