Star Trek Actor Simon Pegg Slams Black Lives Matter Critics, Tells Them To Shut Up

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg, an actor best known for his roles in major action-adventure franchises like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible, has but one thing to say to people who criticize Black Lives Matter, and that’s: “Shut the f*** up!”

The star said as much in an interview with the British newspaper The Observer. Aside from discussing the recent political developments in the world, the actor also talked about the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7, as well as his interest in personal therapy and his latest picture, Lost Transmissions.

When Pegg brought up the subject of Black Lives Matter, he mentioned that he’s been attending meetings with Cephas Williams, a civil rights activist whose campaign 56 Black Men aims to challenge negative stereotypes of black culture. According to The Observer reporter Miranda Sawyer, these meetings are meant to “help make inroads for black performers, writers and directors.”

Referring to people who are critical of Black Lives Matter, Pegg said, they should “shut the f*** up because it’s time.” He then added that “the film industry would be such a healthier, more interesting place if there were more voices, different stories, different experiences.”

The movement, which gained fresh momentum during the protests that followed the death of George Floyd, has been active not only in the United States, but in Pegg’s Britain as well. A few weeks ago, for instance, protesters in Bristol destroyed the statue of a wealthy slave driver.

Simon Pegg is not the only white celebrity to have voiced his support of the movement, of course. Actors like John Cusack, Kendrick Sampson and Ariana Grande have joined protesters in their home towns, while people like Jimmy Kimmel have used their platforms to criticize Donald Trump for failing to address the racism that his regime has enabled.