Star Trek Beyond Alien Cameos Teased As Justin Lin Makes “First Contact”


Production on Star Trek Beyond is all but set to pull into the station ahead of the threequel’s arrival in July – but not before Justin Lin makes “first contact.”

Taking to Twitter, the director shared a new behind-the-scenes still from Paramount’s blockbuster to commemorate April 5, also known as First Contact Day in Star Trek lore. It marked the first meeting between the humans and Vulcans and sure enough, Lin is flanked by two suited and booted aliens in the image below.


But there appears to be two big-name stars hidden underneath those impressive prosthetics, with an official blog post revealing that both have worked with Justin Lin before Star Trek Beyond. Is it possible that the larger fella on the right is none other than Dwayne Johnson? See for yourself.

Whoever guesses correctly will win crew t-shirts and sign posters, but before you go scrambling to IMDb, Lin noted that, at least for now, both roles remain uncredited.

Here’s what the director had to share:

“I know this will probably be a tough one since the casting of these two actors hasn’t been announced yet and you won’t find them listed on IMDb. So here’s a hint–I’ve worked with them both before STB.”

As for the cast members that we do know about, Beyond will welcome plenty of old faces and new, including Sofia Boutella as a new alien ally, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin.

Star Trek Beyond is primed to launch all the way into theaters on July 22.